Before we discuss seller inspections, learn more about Golden State Inspection Services that we provide:


  • Golden Inspection Services:

Golden State Inspection Services are a multi-inspector firm that provides our clients and customers with the service of:

  1. Buyer Home Inspections
  2. Seller Home Inspections
  3. Commercial Property Inspections
  4. Mold Testing
  5. Infrared Scanning
  6. Comprehensive Energy Audits

Golden State inspection Services conduct inspections in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area in California. We provide our clients with appointments from Monday through Saturday and in certain situations a Sunday appointment can be arranged. We also have an Online Scheduling Calendar for your convenience.

  • Our Values:

We take pride in providing our customers with the best quality service and experience. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first and foremost; therefore we value our customer’s feedback a lot. We provide our clients with a high standard service and top-professional help.

  • Inspections by the Sellers:

In today’s article we will discuss home inspections done by the seller and the common mistakes made.

  1. Do it Ahead of Time – It Is Better for YOU:

Home inspections done by the seller always prove to be beneficial. As a seller you want to sell the home or property as soon as possible without any hindrance and/or delay and doing home inspections as soon as possible will be beneficial for you.

  1. Communicate to the Buyer:

If during the home inspection a certain problem is detected, then the seller can either eradicate it or communicate it to the buyer so that both the parties can settle the problem and continue with the dealing of the house.

  1. Better Leverage:

When a seller makes a thorough and extensive home inspection then he gets to have a better leverage with the dealing of the house. Rather than claiming and facing problems in the future the seller can back his statement by providing the buyer with the home inspection report. This will equip the seller with better knowledge of the homes condition and provide him or her with better control as well.

  1. Read the Home Inspection Report First:

One mistake that some sellers make is they do not read the home inspection report correctly or thoroughly. This in return causes future problems for both the seller and the buyer. That is why when you are the seller make sure that you carefully and vigilantly read the home inspection report.

  1. Attend the Inspection:

Some sellers believe they are not required or need to attend the home inspection and just need to know the end result. However, that is not the case at all. As a seller you have to make sure that you attend the home inspections and supervise everything personally.

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Seller Home Inspections
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Home inspections done by the seller always prove to be beneficial.